The emphasis on quality & service

E.F.E. always spot on!

We have been working together with E.F.E. for quite some time now and we are always very satisfied with the high consistent quality of the products and the top service. They ensure a pleasant cooperation and enable us to perform at a high level. The eventual experience of guests in our business starts with the products of E.F.E. This is why we are always critical of the suppliers we work with. E.F.E. is always spot on for our high expectations, and we hope for a long cooperation to come with E.F.E.

Richard van Oostenbrugge (Chef and co-owner)
 Restaurant 212, De Juwelier, Bistro de la Mer, The Markt, Holy Fried Chicken

E.F.E. was love at first sight for me!

Why I appreciate E.F.E.very much has to do with trust, and above all, striving for the best.Looking to fulfill your utmost wishes naturally creates a bond between restaurant and supplier over the years. To be honest, after my first encounter with E.F.E. I never looked further. E.F.E. is a total and complete supplier to never forget! "Let the culinary concerns be ours"

Ayt Ems (Chef and owner)
 Restaurant Blanc By Aytems

Quality is a choice!

We expect a supplier to do as best for us as we do for our guests in the restaurant. E.F.E. do that!

Dennis Kuipers (Executive chef) & Jurgen van der Zalm (Chef de cuisine)
 Restaurant Vinkeles, The Dylan hotel

Good supplier!

Without good products, even a top chef cannot make it beautiful! And as a cook in the city you need a good supplier, especially if you need beautiful fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit every day. We have been working with E.F.E. for a few years now and they do their utmost every day for all my restaurants. They take us seriously and listen when we are critical which is very important to me!! Merci E.F.E.

Alain Caron (TV Chef and owner)
 Cafe Caron, Petit Caron, Gouden Reael, Grand Caron, Caron Catering

Best service

I have been working with E.F.E since day 1 as a chef. That was about 9 years ago now. I've seen the business grow and E.F.E. has grown well with the times. It has always been a great collaboration and it still is. In my opinion, E.F.E. is the supplier with the best service!

Guillaume de Beer (Executive Chef & Owner of Bar Gui, Paindemie)
 Bar Gui, Paindemie

It's always Spot on!

We have been working together for over 10 years now and in these 10 years it has always been Spot on! The service is perfect and the price-quality ratio is very good. Quality is always delivered, I have never had a delivery where a product did not meet my standard. It's almost a pleasure to work with these guys.

Michiel van der Eerde (Chef and owner)
 Bar BAUT(zuid), BAUT (oost), BAUT events
Professioneel & flexibel
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